• Native Union

    from Los Angeles, CA

    Bringing together form and function for the modern customer whose lifestyle blurs between work and play.

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About Native Union

Native Union was born out of a passion for good design and well-made products. Disenchanted by nondescript, mass-produced mobile accessories, founders John and Igor set out to create stylish iPhone cases, USB cables, chargers, and charging docks for the modern customer. By combining luxury materials—like marble, wood, and leather—with functional design and considered details, Native Union creates tech accessories that enhance the way you live with your tech.

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Mobile Accessories That Slay 


If you’re reading this, it's safe to assume you’re a design-conscious aesthete who values high quality, thoughtfully designed products made from premium materials. So don’t just use your tech accessories, love them—which is another way of saying: Native Union. Now.


BY Nancy MacDonell  





Native Union’s inspired tech accessories marry form and function for everyone whose life blurs work and play. In a world of cookie-cutter tech products, this acclaimed brand let you express your personal style via accessories with individuality.



The Whole Story


John Brunner, a Brit, and Igor Duc, a Frenchman, founded Native Union in 2009 in Hong Kong. Their aim was to bring a sophisticated perspective to the mobile accessories market. The duo’s first big hit, the Pop handset and desk stand, brought a Mad Men sensibility to the smart phone. But don’t think of Native Union as a retro brand. Says Duc, “We are constantly inspired by other industries and the techniques and materials they use, be it furniture design, fashion or even shoe manufacturing. We often look to seasonal design trends to ensure that our products remain relevant and aspirational.”



The Products


All Native Union products are designed by the company’s in-house team, which means they control the entire production process from concept through to delivery. Each product goes through a long testing process to ensure that it works right out of the box. Many incorporate unexpected materials like wood and copper, giving them an inherent warmth. Cables, for example, are covered in nylon braid, making them durable, resistant to wear, and tactile.



Five Minutes With Native Union Co-Founder Igor Duc



Q: What is a time when you’ve stepped out of your comfort zone?

Igor Duc: Right now! We are currently embarking on the development of an exciting new product that will bring something very different to the market—something that hasn’t been done before. It combines the tech accessories industry with the techniques and technologies employed by the footwear industry. At the beginning it was just a concept, and we didn’t know it would work, but we’re really excited to say we got there and it will be launching in May/June 2015.


Q: If you could give your younger self one piece of advice, what would it be?

ID: Be resilient. Whatever obstacles you face along the way, persevere because effort and creativity will get you to where you want to be.


Q: Your house is one fire and you have two minutes to grab things and get out. What do you take with you?

ID: My computer and my daughter’s comforter (her “dou-dou”) as she would be lost without it!

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