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Gifts for the Cook

by Dani Howell December 15, 2018
ReadGifts for the Cook

We all know those super-skilled home cooks. They make their own bread. They bring the best dish to every potluck. They experiment with ingredients you’ve never heard of, and the meals always turn out delicious. So, a new tool to play with in the kitchen is the perfect holiday present. We’ve come up with a list of gifts that even the most discerning cook will be excited to unwrap. And, hey, maybe they’ll even use that present to cook you something tasty as thanks for supporting their passion.



De Buyer’s FK2 Stainless Steel Asian Chef Knife


Every cook needs a high-end chef knife. This De Buyer one is designed for precise chopping. Garlic, onions, carrots—this knife makes it easy to cut and dice anything they want. Plus, it’s lightweight and durable, making it the perfect kitchen addition.








Jacob Bromwell’s World Famous Box Grater


With three surfaces for grating and another for slicing, this Jacob Bromwell handcrafted box grater is versatile—ideal for any cook. And, it’s designed to hold up for generations, so they’ll be able to pass this gift down.





Romertopf’s Medium Oval Clay Pot


With clay pots, you just have to soak the pot in water, add all the ingredients, and toss it (gently) in the oven. It’s an easy way to make chicken, turkey, fish, or vegetables. This cooking method keeps in moisture, creating a tender and flavorful final dish. If the cook you’re shopping for has a lot of high-tech kitchen gadgets, this more traditional piece will be a classic complement to their collection.





Mortier Pilon’s Home Canning Set


This kit comes with everything a cook needs to can fruits and veggies. Are they just getting into canning? Mortier Pilon has included tips for the home-canning beginner. Even if they’ve been canning for a while, this pack will make the process easier.






Farm Candy’s Chef’s Choice Artisanal Set of Seven Salts


Not sure what kitchen tools they have? Then you may want to get them always-needed ingredients. You can’t go wrong gifting artisanal salts. This set from Farm Candy comes with seven different options, including pink Himalayan, green tea wasabi toasted black sesame, and mango habanero pepper. These signature blends will add a burst of flavor to any meal they make.





Rangemark’s Feather Apron + Potholder Bundle


This apron (+ potholder) is cute and functional. With one adjustable strap, it’s easy to put on comfortably, and they’ll never have to worry about getting flour on their shirt or pants again.








FINEX Cast Iron Cookware’s FINEX 7 Piece Cast Iron Set


No kitchen is complete without cast iron. This seven-piece set by FINEX Cast Iron Cookware has everything they’ll need to sear, simmer, sauté, or steam. And, these skillets and pans just get better with age.






Urban Accents’ Grill Master Complete Grilling Collection


This collection has all the rubs, blends, and dry glazes they’ll need next time they’re grilling. These spice blends work with meat and vegetables, so they’re perfect for almost every meal. Shopping for a cook who wants to spice up their kitchen? You’ve found your present.






Cheese Grotto Fresco


If you know someone who’s always hosting wine and cheese nights, they’ll love this cheese grotto. With movable shelves, they can fit all kinds of cheese in it, and its sharp look will add a touch of sophistication to any party.



Still on the search for the perfect present? Check out our Holiday Shop for all kinds of gift guides.

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